• Important message for submitting files

    From Vincent Coen@2:25/0 to All on Tue May 3 17:18:45 2022
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    Hello All!

    Now that the elist service is only on it's own computer (a Raspberry Pi 3B+) with its own node address of 2:25/21 everyone must send in submission files DIRECTLY to 2:25/21.

    Note that this node has it's own entry in the Node Lists and uses port 24555.

    This is NOT the same as used for 2:250/1.

    All moderators MUST remove any reference to the node 2:25/21 that is used for 2:250/1 other wise it will not end up at the correct system.

    Any submissions to 250/1 will get ignored and like wise any netmails or
    emails will also be ignored as there is no tools to process them including
    any editors etc.

    You have been warned so check and fix your systems if you have both addresses linked together as you cannot contact the correct system.

    There is NO reason to have a link with 2:25/21 in order to send in file submissions - just send them direct as files or file attachments in a netmail that does not contained any text (they will not be read) and the system will process them in the normal way.

    You can also send it .RUL files and starting last month also a .DES file that contains the description (you remove the content from the .ECO file and more it
    to a .DES file but note the format for this file which is :


    AAA = Group Name
    BBB = EchoTag Name
    .DES - Mandatory name

    Note the full stops / periods between fields.

    Usage of this file is NOT required but the system uses these to store the descriptions instead of the main data file to cut down on size as the system now supports the Backbone entries that mostly does not have a description for echo.

    Any one is invited to submit a .DES file for any of the Backboned echo's if they know a suitable description for any, just send them in DIRECT to 2:25/21.

    You can see the results of these submissions in the file BACKBONE.RPT that is issued on the 1st of each month along with the sister file BACKBONE.NA.

    These files also include the content from the moderated ELIST echo's.

    Vincent and elistmaint

    --- Mageia Linux v8 X64/Mbse v1.0.8/GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-b20180707
    * Origin: The Elist Maintainer (2:25/0)