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    On 1/16/2017 7:47 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:
    I have two Lenovo laptops. One running WinXP Pro. The other runs
    I wish to create a minimal network. It will consist of only those
    two machines.
    Neither will have any internet connectivity.

    I've found a number of web references to setting static IP
    addresses on Windows machines.
    *HOWEVER* assume internet connectivity by one/both machines.

    Can anyone point me to any documentation EXPLICITLY covering my
    {admittedly} peculiar requirement.


    The minimal network was being pursued as it was a close as I *HAD
    THOUGHT* I could come to a "null modem cable".
    A USB implementation is available - http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/163/DS_USBNMC-5030.pdf .
    I'll check local suppliers.
    Will also continue pursuing the LAN solution for its educational
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