• Explorer filename sorting - disable ignoring of the hyphen ("-") char

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    Subject: Explorer filename sorting - disable ignoring of the hyphen ("-") char ?
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    Hello All,

    My previous subject "Explorer filename sorting problem - NoStrCmpLogical already present" has evolved into a much simpler one: How do I get XP's explorer (but the "dir" command too!) to stop ignoring the minus sign inside filenames

    the reason why the above is "sorted" as it is -- with the third column
    showing an interleaved "33" and "-32" -- is because the minus sign is
    regarded as a hyphen (a word-coupling character) and ignored. The above
    list than translates to:

    .... which makes (some sort of) sense.

    But as those "-" characters inthge first list are *NOT* hypens (but minus-signs) that second list isn't reflecting the meaning of the filenames contents. :-(

    How do I get XP's explorer (and "dir" command too) to stop ignoring the
    minus sign inside filenames.

    Or more in general: How do I stop it from treating *any* character
    specially, and just sort all of them on their binary value.

    Rudy Wieser

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