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    My X "high jacked" my laptop & I finally got in admin to get things restored, but it's obvious that someone was trying do do something to my system. The Guest was on, & the network was flipping every 2 sec. I ran spybot on systems check & some other trusted programs, but I'm deleting the guest & im gettin the
    same ntuser.1
    Ntuser.2 both of which I deleted & now ntuser.ini
    This woman is bound to try to hack into my system someway & not comp savvy, but
    knows people that may be. The point is I had to turn mic & cam off as well as other precautions. Can I delete all of these without damaging me as the admin?!
    On top of all of this it will not let me change my password! I changed the comp name, but idkw to to @ this point? I've waited for the detectives to recover it for over 2 months (from said crazy). What can I do to not screw up my only working device @ the moment?! Plz help....
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