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    On Nov 30, 9:11áam, OldGuy <nos...@nospam.com> wrote:
    Laptops are nearly the same and each has its own XP Pro install CD due
    to slightly different drivers used. á I tried swapping XP Pro install
    CDs but the laptop would not boot with the wrong install; mismatch

    Yup. I took great pains to avoid any mismatch among mine.
    Even within one make and model you can get at least 5
    different models of mainboard. I settled on one and
    when I bought more the first thing I insist on is getting
    the exact model of mainboard I need. Will do the same
    when I pick up 2 more in the next few months.

    Having to stash a whole bunch of different boot images
    was a nightmare I had experienced before.

    I see that Macrium Reflect Pro says it can restore
    to dissimilar hardware. Now THAT would be special!

    Are you going to buy the Pro version and
    try out that feature?

    Macrium Reflect Free is all free $0.00 and can
    be used where ever; no limitations.

    Good! Usually the freebie versions like that
    restrict you to one machine. Lots of free
    software are free for one machine only.

    Use them in a business or more than one
    system and you're supposed to pay for them.

    I didn't see any limitation as to number of machines
    for cloning, but I found this:

    http://www.macrium.com/help/v5-free/Introduction/End_User_License_Agreement..ht m

    Data Protection

    Macrium ReflectÖ contains functionality which enables us to verify
    your compliance with this License, It does so by collecting and
    passing to us the identity of each Computer on which you load or
    attempt to load Macrium ReflectÖ.

    Check their website for the additional features for the paid versions.
    I do not need those features but would not mind paying the low price
    for their software.

    The Rescue disk is bootable and will allow recreating C: from a
    partition or external USB drive Image.

    And yes, I need to create the Image for each laptop.

    BTW you are posting to multiple places and my MesNews complains about
    that and will not let me post to that many places so I have to fiddle
    with the Destination(Group). áYour posts show up in other groups by themselves without my posts.
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