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    Quick Help for Moderators

    EList v4
    The Elist program
    Copyright (c) 2017 by Ben Ritchey

    Note: The information in this guide was taken from A Moderator's
    Guide to ECHOBASE (c) Dana Bell, and customized by the ListKeeper.
    This file may be designated as the file to be sent in response to
    fatal errors and requests for HELP.

    EList v4 is a database program that maintains a database of
    echomail conference information. This particular program was
    written to meet the need to maintain and distribute echomail
    conference lists within FIDONet.

    The FIDONet echolists published by this program include
    ELIST.NA, a short, areafix uplink file format distributed
    monthly and ELIST.RPT, a longer descriptive file distributed on
    a monthly basis.

    Moderators may add or update entries to the list by writing to
    ECHOLIST (or ELIST). The program will read the message and
    update the EList database, and then may reply to the

    Address netmail messages

    To: ECHOLIST, (1:1/21)
    Subj: MOD UPD

    Updates via Email are also available via echolist@filegate.net

    and use the following keywords to set the fields of your echolist

    TAGname <areatag> x36
    TITLe <brief area description> x72
    DESCription <description of the echo> 15 lines x75
    MODerator <moderator name>, <mod node>, <mod email>
    COMODerator <co-moderator name>, <co-mod node>, <co-mod email>
    REPLY-to <reply-to name>, <reply-to node>, <reply-to email>
    PASSword <current password>, <new password> x36
    VOLume <number of messages>/Month 0-nnnnn
    RESTrictions </MEMber, /SYSop, /MOD-apvl, /REAl, /ACC, text> x72
    ORIGin <origination of the distribution> x36
    DISTribution <distribution> x72
    GATEway <gateways> x72
    GROUP <Abbrev. of Network; i.e. FIDO) x16

    HELP <respond with help message>

    A sample message might have this in the text

    TITLE FIDONet echoes discussion
    MOD Joe Sysop, 1:393/68
    DESC Discussions about echoes
    DESC and moderators

    The keywords are truncated prior to checking, so matching will
    only be done for the capitalized portion of the keyword.
    Keywords may be capitalized or lowercase. The following three
    entries will have the same effect.

    Tagname BOARD_GAMES

    Optionally end the message with three-dashes indicating the end of
    the message. With the exception of the DESCription field, only
    one entry is allowed per field. If multiple entries are included
    in the message, processing will continue but only the last one
    will be saved. If you don't have an entry for a field, there is
    no need to include the keyword (specifying JUST the keyword will
    erase/blank any existing value(s). Only the areatag, title and
    password (if used) is necessary for updating.

    Update submissions to the echolist that don't require any changes
    may be done by including just the areatag, and PASSword if used.
    Full details already in the database will remain the same. New
    listings will require areatag, title, and a moderator. Current
    guidelines for the FidoNet Elist also require description and a

    In order to delete an area from the list, you should use
    the subject MODerator DELete (or MOD DEL).

    When submitting an entry with DESC fields, be sure to begin each
    line with DESC and end it with a hard carriage return. Some
    editors may word wrap all messages and strip carriage returns
    when saving. Some of these editors, however, may allow you to
    force carriage returns by indenting.

    Address any questions to Ben Ritchey at 1:1/21, the ECHOLIST
    echo itself or via Email to <fido4cmech@lusfiber.net>.

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