• Echolist Maintenance

    From Ben Ritchey@1:393/68 to All on Sat Mar 11 22:28:57 2017
    Hi All,

    The extended maintenance on the Echolist is nearing completion, thanks for your

    patience. :)

    Due to numerous and frequent Database corruptions, and the lack of support for the existing system (Echobase 3.48, now deprecated, author abandoned), the decision was made to fix it once and for all. I decided to reverse-engineer the

    Database and re-write the software from the ground up (no source). This endeavor has completed an Alpha stage and is entering a Beta stage for extended

    testing. Once complete, it will be brought online with 99% transparency to the previous system.

    All existing Mod Add/Upd/Del submissions will work as before. The only major change is the lack of a Rules sub-system which can/may be added later depending

    on feedback received {g}. Existing RULE keywords will just be ignored as will anything else that doesn't apply to existing keyword formats.

    Important keyword errors (such as missing required keywords) will be reported in ELIST. ALL submissions will be reported in the ELIST conference, successful AND errors alike. Email/Netmail replies will NOT be sent out at first, subject to change, of course. :)

    The only enhancement so far, aside from new reporting formats, is the ability to Delete or Clear applicable fields, simply by entering a line with JUST the appropriate keyword, by itself.

    The main advantage here, obviously, is the availability of source code and the ability to make timely changes as needed, as FIDOnet evolves. Any and all feedback/problems should be reported in the ECHOLIST conference. As noted, ELIST is strictly for the MaintBot replies.

    p.s. for those interested, EList v4 is being coded in PowerBASIC CC v5 :) and no, for now, the source code is not being distributed. {chuckle}

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