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    DEBATE Conference
    A general forum for participants to debate and discuss
    a wide range of political, historical, contemporary and
    philosophical topics. Forceful discussion or debate is encouraged.
    However, it should be clearly understood that personal attacks
    (flames), remarks deliberately intended to provoke other
    users ("baiting or "goading"), and foul or abusive language
    will NOT be tolerated. And while general religious topics
    are allowed, "sermonizing" does not belong here. All moderating
    should be left to the moderators. Participants should not
    be easily annoyed.
    Status: Active
    Origin: 1:106/4725 Group: FIDO
    Distribution: Z1-Z6 BackBones, FidoSpine, Z1B
    Language: English
    # Nodes: N/A Volume: N/A Rules:
    Flags: <Real Names Only>
    Notes: /REA
    Moderators: Bob Klahn, 1:3603/140, bob.klahn@bex.net
    Last changed: 3-Oct-2016 by bob.klahn@buckeye-express.com, 337:1/21, bob.klahn@bex.net

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