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    From EchoList Robot@1:1/21 to All on Mon Aug 15 10:30:00 2016
    Echolist Announcement ...

    Zone1 Echomail Distribution
    The Z1_ECHOMAIL is a support echo and for all sysops interested
    in the distribution of echomail within Zone 1. The echo
    is chatty and informative.
    Status: Active
    Origin: 1:261/38 Group: non-b
    Distribution: non-Backbone
    Language: English
    # Nodes: N/A Volume: N/A Rules:
    Moderators: Janis Kracht, 1:261/38
    Carol Shenkenberger, 1:275/100
    Last changed: 15-Aug-2016 by Janis Kracht, 337:1/21, janis@filegate.net

    --- Echobase 3.48
    * Origin: * Origin: FIDONet Backbone - EchoList HQ (1:1/21.0)