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    I would like to announce the newest FidoNet echo called LITRPG. This group is to cater for posts about the fiction Genre [LITerature Role Playing Games] which has been around for a decade or more but has been confined to relatively obscure corners of the internet, although in the last year or two, a growing number of books in this Genre have been published on Amazon, almost exclusively as self-published works.

    The concept is simple in principle but plays out in many different ways in the various stories included in the genre. At it's core the idea is that the characters in the story have access to a smaller or larger number of aspects of game play features. Classically, this involves their being some sort of a "System" and that aspects of the character are displayed in "Blue Boxes". There are numerous variations of this, but this is the most ubiquitous. The character then has a way of tracking in "real life" their attributes and skills, doing various things to "level up" or improve themselves.

    One of the variations is that of the "Dungeon Core", which has started to form a sort of sub-genre, then there are the cross-over elements from Wuxia, Chinese "Light Novels" and other forms that bear close similarity in spirit. These can be generally classified under the broad term of "Cultivation" stories.

    This Conference is designed to be a place to Discover, Discuss, Review and even post these stories.

    *Group Usage*

    The intention is that posts to the group should be tagged in the subject line. As things progress, we might have to refine this process, but for now this is how it should work.

    - Normal discussion posts - nothing special

    - Story Review - Start the subject with [REVIEW]

    - Story Announcements - [ANNOUNCEMENT:Story Title]

    - Story Chapter posts - [Story Title:Chapter Title]

    My wish is that everyone should enjoy the conference and possibly discover something new to read.

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