• The POLITICS echo

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    POLITICS -*- General Political Discussion - Zone 1
    Moderator: Mike Powell (1:2320/105)

    POLY = Many
    TICKS = blood sucking parasites

    Add them together and you get POLITICS!

    POLITICS is for the friendly and lively discussion of current political
    topics. While the echo seems to be dominated by US politics, users outside
    the USA are encouraged to tell us about what is going on in their parts of
    the World.

    Come debate the hard-core socialists as they try to explain to the rest of
    us why a Venezuelazation, Stalinization, Californication, or CCP-ization of
    the US would be a wonderful thing!

    This is a REAL NAMES echo, and is not a "free speech" echo. If you cannot express your opinion without foul language or name calling, please use one
    of the other "free speech" political or conspiracy echos that tolerate poor behavior.

    A MODERATED version of this echo, which filters out serial offenders, can be fed directly from moderator's system. Interested sysops can netmail or email for details.

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