• astrology vs astronomy

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    Astrology - Geology - Meteorology - Oceanography -

    "Astrology" Doesn't really fit in this list. Maybe you
    ment: Astronomy?

    Yes, that was suppose to be Astronomy. How did I not catch
    that one? It's been corrected. We could discuss Astrology
    in there if you'd like.

    Thank you.

    It went a long time unnoticed. :( I have to always double-check my
    memory when someone asks me for books on astrology or astronomy in
    my shop.

    One trick I use to help me differentiate between the two is to
    remember that "L" = lies, and "N" = naming ;) Thus, astrology is
    the fake version of the stars, and astronomy is busy with naming the

    I know that -ology is "the study of", (which BOTH astrology and
    astronomy comprises of) but in this case I limit the L & N rule to
    those two -ogy 'es.

    Elsewhere I have read that astrology is supposed to have given birth
    to astronomy.


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