• TWITLIST new echo and Fileecho

    From Nick Andre@1:229/426 to All on Thu Feb 13 23:50:20 2020
    TWITLIST - A weekly text file of Twitted names

    This Twitlist is meant to be used by BBS software to deny a new user access
    to your system because of an objectionable/bogus name, profanity, reserved
    or restricted names. Most BBS software have Twitlists (or "trashcan"
    features) to check new logins against a text file for matching names. When
    the name matches, the caller is rejected. The Twitlist is not a Fidonet
    filter; it is intended to help mitigate abuse of BBS logins specifically.

    The idea is that any Sysop who finds this useful will help contribute to
    the list or discuss in the TWITLIST echo suggestions or improvements. Over time, hopefully this can be a comprehensive list without sacrificing the creativeness of using a handle/alias. Please post or Netmail me to get a
    name added or removed. Unfortunately at this time, patterns/wildcards
    are NOT supported.

    The Twitlist is sorted alphabetically and hatched weekly in the TWITLIST fileecho originating from Darkrealms, 1:229/426. The REPLACE keyword is
    present in the TIC file to ensure receiving systems always have the latest.

    Everyone is welcome to take the Twitlist and hatch/copy to Othernets; but updates will only be accepted in the TWITLIST echo or by Netmail to
    1:229/426. Please advise if this is to be "forked" into something else.

    Treat this as an experiment for the time being. All subject to change.


    --- Renegade vY2Ka2
    * Origin: Joey, do you like movies about gladiators? (1:229/426)