• Esterian Conquest Reset!

    From Craig Hendricks@1:226/18 to All on Tue Sep 20 12:36:41 2022
    I've restarted Esterian Conquest 1.50 over at ConstructiveChaos BBS.

    It's a 9 empire game; 6 human controlled and 3 "rogue" (AI). Currently there are 3 human controlled empires remaining.

    I've implemented a 2-night grace period, meaning EC maintenance will run on its regular nightly schedule if all human players play each day. But if one or more players doesn't show up to play, then maintenance will be skipped that night, for a maximum of 2 consecutive nights. This will keep players who miss occasional days from falling too far behind.

    Nightly EC maintenance won't begin until enough interested human players have joined up and are ready to go.

    Special shout-out and thanks to Tim Whitson of The Fool's Quarter BBS for unearthing this door game!

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