• Vampire Knights

    From Kevin Miller@1:267/585 to All on Thu Jan 23 13:51:00 2020
    Greets All...

    Anyone in here running the latest version of Vampire Knights by 'Rude Dog Software'? It appears to be completely abandoned and lost to the sands. Was
    the game ever given up to freeware or has anyone come accross some reg codes? Is it even worth pursuing?


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  • From Tim Whitson@1:340/500 to Kevin Miller on Sun Sep 27 21:15:47 2020
    Re: Vampire Knights
    By: Kevin Miller to All on Thu Jan 23 2020 01:51 pm

    I purchased it a long time ago when it was still new. He also wrote Dragons Claw. If memory serves me right he was a quadriplic or something similar. I chatted with him once about something. It took him a long time to code. But I have not heard if the codes been released to freeware or not.
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