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    Hi, Ruben. Another blast from the past!
    I don't remember this one either, but NS 4.5 and NT4 are what I was using around that time.
    I don't worry about Navigator any more. Thanks for getting around to responding, though :)


    On 11/8/02 8:24 AM, RUBEN FIGUEROA wrote to WILLIAM JONES:

    Dial-in access via wcNAV is fine. However, when I browse in, login WJ>using clients, then click on a client link, the connection manager WJ>appears, says it has connected, but if I ask for more detail, no data WJ>is moving. It times out after about a minute. No client appears.

    I've seen this in a few cases when our server was very busy, and the
    server CPU was maxing and the memory was low. Since we upgraded our RAM,
    we don't see this any longer. What's happening on your server just then?

    I'm logging in with Netscape 4.5 on an NT4 machine, and it works fine WJ>here at Santronics.

    My login link is: <A HREF="/login?mode=client">
    My messages link, for example, is: <A HREF="client?message.wcn">

    I always add a leading slash, like HREF="/client?message.wcn" -- it
    reduces the chance of problems later.

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