• Navigator works, all docs say something different

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    Subject: Navigator works, all docs say something different
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    No error message, a brief message saying the client is starting, but the browser doesn't start. Selecting it over and over will not start it as
    well. The other clients work fine.
    If you're just -> wanting to do a web connection, try pointing a web browser to your IP -> and see what happens.
    I have done this and it only works on a local connection (machine
    server is on) Other machines say they can not locate the page and ask if
    I would like to go online (to the internet) Browser is IE5.0 and I have
    no problems with other peoples sites.


    What happens if you start the browser manually?

    From the main screen of the Navigator (before you connect) what happens
    if you go into the options, and select "test browser"?

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