• 2016 Retro VAX TETRIS Championships will start tomorrrow

    From Sampsa Laine@2:250/7 to All on Sun Nov 13 20:50:00 2016
    One day to go for the 2016 Retro TETRIS Championships brought to you by SAMPSACOM - the competition runs from 23:59 GMT 15-NOV-2016 to 23:59 GMT 31-DEC-2016.

    Top prize: 0.1 BTC / $70.10 USD at today's market price.

    Test your terminals out by logging in as TETRIS at:

    tetris-fi.sampsa.com:2328 (Finland)
    tetris-uk.sampsa.com:4488 (UK)
    tetris-us.sampsa.com:1337 (US)

    More info (including suggested terminal programs to use) at:


    ... MultiMail, the new multi-platform, multi-format offline reader!
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    * Origin: B4BBS = London = b4bbs.sampsa.com (2:250/7)