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    A FOSSIL driver is required for modem operation. FOSSIL stands for Fido/ Opus/Standard/Serial/Interface/Library. It is somewhat of an abstraction
    layer or "driver" between the COM ports on your computer and how they will
    be used by Fido software. Ray Gwinn's X00 driver is automatically installed
    by default for MS-DOS and Windows but other FOSSIL drivers can be used.

    If you plan to use a modem with D'Bridge, you should be using a Hardware
    modem, not a "softmodem" or "Winmodem" as those modems often rely on the operating system to perform data processing while on a call; adding CPU/OS overhead ontop of high-speed connections. Unfortunately a great amount of
    PCI and USB modems are softmodems. External serial modems and ISA modems
    are the recommended Hardware modems to use with D'Bridge, especially
    good brandnames such as Hayes, Rockwell and US Robotics. External serial
    modems should always be used with a good quality shielded RS-232 cable.


    The use of modems over VOIP telephone service is not recommended; your
    modem phone line should be a landline or "copper line". Also the use of
    virtual COM ports or serial redirection over TCP/IP is not supported.


    In addition to modem support, D'Bridge has excellent integration with the
    BinkD protocol, which is a very popular method of exchanging Fidonet
    packets over the Internet. The BinkD subsystem-program is included for
    Windows and OS/2 operating systems. It is not included for MS-DOS or Linux
    or other systems.

    Some users have managed to get BinkD for MS-DOS running; however this
    involves a level of complexity with a TCP/IP network stack and packet
    drivers on MS-DOS I did not wish to get into... not to mention that these services take away from precious available DOS memory that D'Bridge requires for operation explained earlier. Technical support is NOT provided for BinkD running on MS-DOS.


    D'Bridge does not support transfer of Fidonet packets over Internet Email (SMTP/POP3), or whats known as the "TransX" method. It does, however,
    support gating Internet Email including basic UUCP support and includes a simple SMTP/POP3/NNTP client for exchanging Email and Usenet.


    D'Bridge comes with Soupgate and Vsoup95/NT for Windows to fetch Usenet
    groups from an NNTP server or provider. This must be scripted or configured manually. An example setup is provided in the file SOUPGATE.ZIP. Note that Usenet is no longer an ISP service; today its mostly offered by independant providers charging for access or bandwidth.

    Note that it is generally frowned upon to gate Usenet groups into existing Fidonet or Othernet areas unless you have specific permission from
    moderators or Network Co-Ordinators to do so.


    D'Bridge has many "hooks" in that it can be set up to run other programs, scripts or tasks when certain events happen; one of them is running an
    MP3/WAV player when personal mail is received. A sample player is included
    for Windows in the file PLAYMAIL.ZIP. There are many other soundfile-players you can find for MS-DOS/SoundBlaster, Tandy 1000 SL/RL/TL models and 2500-series, IBM PS/1 and countless options for Windows and OS/2.


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