• D'Bridge 4 another minor update released

    From Nick Andre@1:229/426 to All on Sat Feb 20 09:06:29 2021
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    █ D'Bridge EMAIL System █
    Copyright (c) by Nick J. Andre, Ltd.

    VERSION 4 - FEBRUARY 20 2021

    NOTE: D'Bridge ClockSync functions have been provided by the mailer as a
    convenience for "real" DOS systems; such as MS-DOS, PC-DOS, Tandy 1000
    or any PC that suffers from time-drift. On more modern operating
    systems you typically would use a native Internet client or protocol
    such as NTP.

    Very minor updates:

    - A possible "Wait" hang-condition in the internal message editor should be
    resolved now.

    - Proactive fix for the mailer potentially stumbling on a DBUTIL instance.

    - Another round of minor fixes for QuickBBS/GoldBase and some very minor
    improvements in Config-Echomail Areas.

    - Config-Directories has been modified to always allow specifying the
    path to message databases even if the NETmail storage format has changed,
    so that it is possible to have a "mix" of storage formats.

    - The phone number for the NIST Automated Computer Time Service (ACTS) is
    no longer hard-coded to Boulder, Colorado. The semaphore file DBRIDGE.CLK
    can be created with a desired modem phone number for the Atomic Clock.

    - The code for Atomic ClockSync has been slightly adjusted.

    - A very minor fix in Zmodem Receive for clock adjustments with others.

    - Updates to TECHSPEC.TXT, the F1-Help system and the user manual.

    Nick Andre

    --- Renegade vY2Ka2
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