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    I have a lot of users that are making the transition from Yahoo Groups and several have
    asked me why my system doesn't have an option to list all of the system users..

    I've looked over the 3rd party thingy's but didn't find much to do a universal listing of all
    the members similar to the way you can with wcreport is there some kind of magical
    gizmo I can use that I might have missed.. I guess the problem is that many of
    members have trouble trying to see if a friend of theirs is registered or trying to see
    who's new and where they're located.. Granted, I can also see a way for spammers to
    abuse this too but...

    Even though I'm not all that fond of Yahoo Groups and their constant bombardment of
    advertising I can see how this would be a beneficial feature to have on my system.

    Just some Wish List Thoughts I guess..

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