• WINS enchancements for now

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    Subject: WINS enchancements for now
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    Hello all,

    I was expecting for a long time WINS Server to provide native support for
    being a Internet Portal from its first public page to private one.

    I am a old owner of WIns Licenses but I am not running WINS server because
    I must have support for dynamic pages as I have at www.magicweb.com.br/index.php - this is a educational web site I am
    building in a template I ve bought to provide on-line classes for brazilian
    IT community.

    I was expecting to take this layout and put it inside WINS Server. How is
    it possible? People asked me to put it inside Share Point Portal Server but
    I still would like to use WINS for this.

    As I am not a developer could some one help me on this task ?

    THanks in advance. My best regards!
    Alexandre Freire

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