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    Several times a day I check my mail on my server for email from our attorneys and for inquiries about my company. Up to now I have been copying the emails into specific locations to keep a record of who said what and when they said it. In wcreports I can move a message to another conference but if the conference isn't set up right the email will sooner or later deleted.
    Would it be possible to put a COPY TO button at the top of the html- read+message page so the message could be placed into another directory or subdirectory selected on the drive? Like a windows save selection box.
    The fields copied would be From,Date,Time,Subject, and message body.
    I could even have a selection in wcconfig or wcreports whether or not to delete the message from the message base once its transfered to its new location.
    I could build a paper trail and back it up on CD at my liesure. And, when I needed printed copies of the messages they would print in a text or document format, and could be added to other documents.
    John Kidwell
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