• wcCONFIG | Access Profiles - Long Time to Load via Internet

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    Hector ~

    One thing I have noticed is pulling up the "Access Profiles" option in
    wcconfig takes an extremely long time when connected via remote/Internet. I watched wcSRVMON as I performed this operation from remote. I calculated approximately 3725 function calls made for 13 access profile records. This number includes loading wcCONFIG and seeing the # of function calls at that point and subtracting that from the total number of function calls made
    after the access profiles list dialog appeared.

    When connected on the LAN or local computer, this isn't noticable; however
    for those of us who may manage our servers remotely using VPN or have
    firewall pin-holes opened for connections from given IP addresses, this can become time consuming to just change an access profile setting.

    I haven't noticed this as being an issue with any other section within
    WCCONFIG and just wanted to let you know in case you'd like to look into
    this for a future release.


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