• Wildcat! v5.6, Build 450.3, with SSL

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    Santronics Software is now accepting advance orders for WIN Server v5.6, Build 450.3.


    Monday, November 4, 2002 via AUP (Automatic Update Program)
    Monday, November 11, 2002 via CD

    WIN Server v5.6, Build 450.3 is a major upgrade and includes the long awaited SSL (Secure Socket Layer) support.

    Verson 5.6 Update Highlights

    SSL and TLS Support

    Wildat! now supports SSL (Secured Socket Layer) internet security for
    the Wildcat! internet (TCP/IP) hosting servers. This includes WEB,
    FTP, TELNET, POP3 and SMTP. NNTP will be added in a future update.

    Wildcat! now supports TLS authentication internet security for the Wildcat! internet (TCP/IP) ftp and smtp hosting servers.

    A new GUI SSL configuration tool is available to help you setup SSL
    in Wildcat!, in addition to creating SSL certificates.


    - New SSL and TLS support.
    - New debugging tracing options.
    - Support for renaming files and displaying file date/time stamps
    - Support for showing the file timestamp
    - New Wildcat! FTP quote command to augment file upload information
    - New powerful WCX scripting/hooks capability to extend ftp functionality
    - Support for the ACCT command for setting the file password
    - Added resume support for downloads and uploads
    - Added file append support
    - Single IP Binding Feature


    - New SSL and TLS support
    - Support for "POP BEFORE SMTP" allow relay option
    - Single IP Binding Feature


    - New SSL Support
    - Single IP Binding Feature


    - New SSL Support


    - New SSL and TLS Support

    - Added ETRN support to SMTP. This allows a client to initiate
    the queuing for a certain host.

    - New 3rd party message filter EMAIL hook capability using wcBASIC


    - Added Anonymous account support for news server (similar to FTP)


    - New Access Profile options to set internet hosting service access


    - New to wcBASIC functions

    - New to wcSERVER SDK functions


    - Updated the NT service batch files and description.


    - Fixed some miscellaneous bugs with WCNODE command line mode.

    Wildcat! List Server

    - New Subscription Confirmation Option per list

    - Improvements and fixes to address mail bounces.

    Version 5.6 comes with and without SSL support and upgrade pricing is as follows:

    WIN Server v5.6 (no SSL support) $149.00 (all line licenses, CD update) WIN Server v5.6 (SSL included) $249.00 (up to 15 line license)
    WIN Server v5.6 (SSL included $299.00 (up to 63 line license)
    WIN Server v5.6 (SSL included) $399.00 (64+ line license)

    ADVANCE ORDERS SAVE $50.00 when purchasing the Version 5.6 update with SSL through November 3rd at www.santronics.com through our secure online order system.

    This is a free upgrade for those who purchased WIN Server in the last 90 days, current Annual AUP subscribers and those who have been enrolled in the monthly AUP continously from 10/2001 through 10/2002.

    If your Annual AUP subscription has lapsed within the last 60 days, run the AUP to reenroll in the Annual AUP or order online at www.santronics.com

    Those who were not enrolled in the AUP and purchased the v5.5 CD Update can upgrade to this version, with SSL support, for $99.00

    Electronic and CD update purchase options are available at www.santronics.com or by calling 800-845-6944, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST.

    Santronics Software, Inc., 15600 SW 288 St, Suite 306, Homestead, FL 33033
    Orders: 800-845-6944, TEL: 305-248-3204, FAX: 305-248-3638
    WEB: www.santronics.com/winserver.com

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