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    I had an idea about this issue if not previous writen, How about just an indexed header for just those (sysop access) ? That is somewhat how Forte handles multiple folders. The sysop or whoever can just scan the headers and read what he needs to.

    On Feb 20, 2001 05:30pm, DANIEL C. MILLER wrote to ALL:

    I need a few confirmations about storage of e-
    mail only messages in wc6 vs. wc5.

    1. Outgoing messages for the e-mail conference
    are all stored together in one database for all
    users, but incoming e-mails are stored in
    individual files for each user?

    This was the original wc6 designed. However, with the open testing
    we did, we found many design problems and reverted back the 1 database system. This is one of the delays we have: Trying to improve
    this by potential heavy I/O. We might revert back to the distributed
    design but we want to make sure "EVERYTHING" works first, everything that surrounds email. It is a complicated reason. Just for the techies,
    one of the problems was a compatibility issue with the client SDK
    functions and the idea of conference 0 being a user email conference.
    One example of the problem was a SYSOP trying to read the email
    conference. In wc5, the SDK functionality for this was extremely simple. Generic Logic like this found in many of the mail reading logics in

    start loop:
    Get First Email in Conference 0
    display/list/pack, etc.
    Get Next Email in Conference 0

    controlled how mail is retrieved and/or received.

    The Login Security manager handled and determined what email was
    returned from the above loop. So if User X logged in, User X got only
    his mail. But if the sysop logged in, he basically got all the mail.

    Well, with a distributed email system, this drastically changed
    what is a very fundamental logic in many of the programs in Wildcat.
    It required that for a SYSOP, it became a search for ALL user mail
    bins with lots of file I/O.

    So we went back until we get everything else done. In the end,
    it will be improved.

    2. If you send a message via e-mail to another
    user within the same wc6 system the message first
    goes into the central outgoing database, and then
    goes into the recipient's individual database?

    The bottom line it will be behave like it does now. The only
    thing we are trying to improve is the LOADING issues for the
    larger email systems.

    3. If you send a message via e-mail to an
    Internet address the message first goes into the
    central outgoing database, then is sent to the
    recipient's mail server (possibly through one or
    more SMTP relays), and finally it goes ?WHERE?

    same answer as above

    4. What happens in the special case when you send
    to another user in the same system, but using
    Internet addressing? Does wc6 "know" this is
    taking place or does it just send to itself
    (again, possibly through one or more SMTP relays)
    with no special processing?

    same answer as above

    5. In wc6, how does a user keep a copy of their
    sent e-mail, preferably automatically under
    control of a user option?

    same answer as above

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