• D'Bridge 3.99/SR40 released and availabl

    From Nick Andre@1:229/426 to All on Thu Dec 6 13:07:06 2018
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    █ D'Bridge EMAIL System █
    Copyright (c) by Nick J. Andre, Ltd.

    VERSION 3.99/SR40 - DECEMBER 6 2018

    NOTE: The structure of the Echomail database file DBRIDGE.ADF has changed.
    If you are a developer or advanced user, refer to TECHSPEC.TXT.

    This minor release adds two new options; Circular Path Detection (CPD)
    and bad AREA kludge checking. It also upgrades the Windows version of BinkD
    to 1.1a/99.

    In CONFIG-ECHO AREAS, there is now a new question if you wish to have CPD functionality enabled for the Echomail area. This is an advanced feature
    that will likely only be used by mail-Hub systems.

    If you answer YES to this question, during the Unpack/Toss cycle, D'Bridge
    will examine every message received in this area for duplication in the
    PATH kludge-line. The PATH (and SEEN-BY) kludges are very important when it comes to Echomail. Without them, it would be difficult to trace or
    troubleshoot problems when a message "echoes" its way across the network.

    The PATH kludge is simular in concept to the VIA kludge for Netmail; in
    that as a message "travels" through the network, the system(s) that process
    the message add themselves to the PATH. The PATH kludge is "two dimensional" meaning that only the NET and NODE of the address is added. When a system
    adds itself; the NET portion changes only if necessary. Duplication occurs
    when either a Sysop or software strips the SEEN-BY's or manipulates the
    PATH in a way that a system is added twice.

    NOTE: It is impossible for a properly configured D'Bridge system to ever be
    the cause of a circular PATH; no matter the version or edition.

    An Echomail message received with a circular path will be tossed to the
    BADECHO area for your inspection. Note that only the applicable address is checked during CPD; not all of your addresses. For example, if you have an alias-address defined for the area, then CPD will only check based on that address. If no alias address is defined, then the CPD applies to your
    primary address. CPD cannot be used for Point-addresses.

    By default, CPD is disabled. Do not enable CPD unless you are specifically receiving duplicate messages in the area that are not being caught by
    the built-in duplicate message checking.

    The "Bad AREA kludge" option in CONFIG-PACKET/MAIL CONTROL forces D'Bridge
    to examine every received message for the correct "placement" of the AREA kludge. The AREA kludge defines a message as Echomail. Sometimes, for
    whatever the reasons, a "grunged" message will have this in other places.
    When D'Bridge encounters a grunged message, it will be moved to the
    BADECHO area for your inspeection. Answer YES for this checking or NO if
    not. The default setting is NO.

    Nick Andre

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    VERSION 3.99/SR40 - DECEMBER 6 2018



    --- D'Bridge 3.99 SR40
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