• Areafix clarification

    From Nick Andre@1:229/426 to All on Sat Oct 27 08:13:19 2018
    I've answered a few questions over the last couple weeks I received regarding Areafix.... how does D'Bridge treat them, what type of security is
    supported, requests forwarding etc.

    Let me see if I offer some simple explanations, essentially paraphrasing the F1-Help screens but in my own way.

    The first thing that needs to happen is that any system must first be listed in the Config-Packet/Mail-Areafix Info screen. The format of that is:

    <System> <Password> <Security> <Priority> <Rescan?> <Fwd Req?> <AREAS.BBS>

    SYSTEM is the full 4D address of the system, including points. For example, 1:229/426.77

    PASSWORD is obvious, but is NOT case-sensitive. Only Session/Packet passwords are case-sensitive.

    SECURITY is a four-digit number or a "group sort" character with a comma and number. The Echomail area is only available to systems that match this
    criteria or lower. For example, "5000" means this person has access to areas with security of 5000 or lower. "F,100" means group code F and access to 100 or lower.

    PRIORITY is self-explanitory, this defines the default priority for that system. NORMAL, CRASH, IMMEDIATE or HOLD.

    RESCAN? is either YES or NO. This controls whether the system has the ability to do an Areafix rescan of an area. The ability to do so depends on two factors - The scan setting of the Echomail area, and if the messages are in fact available in that area (Some BBS software may "purge" messages upon processing). Rescans will work only if that system is not present in the SEEN-BY kludge lines of the messages.

    FWD REQ means that if this system requests an area that is not available, if that request should be forwarded to the first applicable uplink. Applicable uplinks are usually defined with an AREAS.BBS type of listing.

    I hope this clears up things a bit,


    --- Renegade vY2Ka2
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