• D'Bridge 3.99/Sr34 released and availabl

    From Nick Andre@1:229/426 to All on Sat Jul 21 14:20:23 2018
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    █ D'Bridge EMAIL System █
    Copyright (c) by Nick J. Andre, Ltd.

    VERSION 3.99/SR34 JULY 21 2018

    WARNING: If you are upgrading, please take a full backup of your existing
    system prior to installing this version.

    This is a minor release... Bug fixes only.

    - If D'Bridge is ran in a multi-line setup, a serious problem could occur
    with the system Queue leading to possible data corruption.

    - A problem with the DBRIDGE.PTM semaphore should be fixed now.

    - Problems with Archive/Sent-flagged NETmail should be fixed now.

    - A very slight adjustment for PRESERVE in the Echomail Area editor.

    - The problem with Local/Private Echomail areas corrupted during upgrades
    should be fixed now.

    - The file DBRIDGE.LNR (Last NETmail Received) is created when a NETmail
    arrives addressed to you. It is just one line of text, for example
    "From John Doe to Nick Andre".

    - Echomail scans using ECHOMAIL.CTL should be lightning-fast now.

    - Reworded some of the help system to avoid confusing newcomers.

    - It is rare that I would remove a feature, but, "Unpacked semaphore" is
    no longer an option in CONFIG-PACKET/MAIL. This is because there is no
    logical reason to have it, when DBRIDGE.NMW is created when NETmail is
    processed or DBRIDGE.EMW for Echomail.

    - Various internal code cleaned up.

    - At the last minute, I added ten new commands to DBUTIL. These work
    exactly the same as DBUTIL AREAFIX/FILEFIX... except now:

    DBUTIL AREAFIXLIST - Also sends an area list.
    DBUTIL AREAFIXOVERRIDE - Overrides any security defined for the system.
    DBUTIL AREAFIXLISTOVERRIDE - Same as the above two commands.
    DBUTIL AREAFIXRESCAN - Systems newly added to an area get a rescan.
    DBUTIL AREAFIXRESCANLIST - Same as above but also send an area list.
    DBUTIL AREAFIXRESCANOVERRIDE - New areas rescan and override security.
    DBUTIL AREAFIXRESCANLISTOVERRIDE - New/Rescan, list and override.
    DBUTIL FILEFIXLIST - Also sends an area list.
    DBUTIL FILEFIXOVERRIDE - Overrides any security defined for the system.
    DBUTIL FILEFIXLISTOVERRIDE - Same as the above two commands.

    - Minor updates to the documentation and F1-Help system.

    Nick Andre

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  • From Ozz Nixon@1:275/362 to Nick Andre on Tue Jul 24 20:27:38 2018
    If you want to save some "code" space... in todays world, I do not think any of
    us use or appreciate all of the screen effects when unpacking arcmail. That should shave a little free codespace up for you - along with saving a couple micro-seconds on save screen, do effect, process arch, restore screen.

    * I noticed the effects tonight in detail as I am sorting all of the SDM (*.msg) echos in the host while DOSBox was tossing what just came in. (I almost
    have the flag files working in DOSBox - had to add an API call the host can talk to, telling DOSBox FAT to rescan... so db3 can see new semaphore files.


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