• D'Bridge 3.99/SR11 released and availabl

    From Nick Andre@1:229/426 to All on Sun Jan 15 20:07:04 2017
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    Copyright (c) by Nick J. Andre, Ltd.

    VERSION 3.99 - SERVICE RELEASE 11 - JANUARY 15 2017 ---------------------------------------------------

    This very minor release addresses just a few things.

    - DBUTIL SHOWDEADECHOES and REMOVEDEADECHOS were broken... not anymore.

    - You may also optionally specify the GROUP ACCESS ID of areas to include
    when reporting/marking, ie. DBUTIL SHOWDEADECHOES 90 B means show areas
    with no traffic over 90 days belonging to group B only.

    - And... if you add a letter after the GROUP ACCESS ID above, that means
    only areas that match the group access ID *and* the storage method will
    be reported/marked for deletion. ie. DBUTIL SHOWDEADECHOES 90 B F
    means show dead echoes 90 days, group B, Fido *.MSG storage only. (Use N
    for no-storage, meaning Passthru areas)

    - The new DBUTIL command NUKEFROMFILE will delete the areas specified
    in the file. For example, DBUTIL NUKEFROMFILE DEADAREA.LOG will cause
    all of the areas in DEADAREA.LOG to be deleted.

    - If the command %HELP is received in an AREAFIX request, basic help will
    be sent to the requesting system. If the text file DBRIDGE.AFH (Areafix
    HELP) exists; the contents of that will be sent instead. If the help
    request comes to FILEFIX, the contents of DBRIDGE.FFH is sent instead.

    - A minor but somewhat important fix to Areafix and Filefix was done
    behind the scenes.

    - An open file handle not closed properly in the tosser/outbound cycle
    for QuickBBS/Hudson was fixed.

    - Very minor, completely trivial cosmetic fixes for the mailer.

    Nick Andre

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  • From Ward Dossche@2:292/854 to Nick Andre on Tue Jan 17 03:21:31 2017
    I may be asking a stupid question, and if it is I'll attribute it to early Alzheimer's.

    D'bridge has file-processing capabilities.

    However, can I hatch files with it or merely process inbound files?


    --- D'Bridge 3.99
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