• PRC Manufactured Virii

    From Aaron Thomas@1:229/426 to All on Mon Jan 4 00:51:29 2021
    I suspect that the PRC intentionally unleashed covid-19 on the world.

    The things that I consider clues are:

    1) Look how little time it took for a vaccine to be developed

    2) Trump was a threat to their piggy bank.

    3) There was an oppty for them to infiltrate the minds of voters in the USA through their friends, the left-wing media. But when the PRC saw that it wasn't working on enough Americans, they decided to take drastic measures.

    4) These are the same people who have the highest emissions levels of the world. That shows how much faith there is to be had that they wouldn't do something like this.

    5) Covid-19 has been traced back to Wuhan China.

    6) This coronavirus has obviously killed a much higher number of people than previously known coronavirii. It's enough to get people's attention.

    7) There were news reports of Chinese leakers gone missing.

    But why would they do that to their own people?

    Capitalism. Imperialism. Not giving a crapism.

    --- Renegade vY2Ka2
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