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    They would be if you used the KGB method of tossing as
    much stuff at the target as possible, in the hopes that
    some of it will stick.

    Sort of the "squirrel monkey" sort of defense.

    I call it the "100 cups and no ball" defense. You know, like the ball
    and cups trick...but Kev, and a few others I've seen in the past, use
    100 cups instead of 3 and there's no ball hidden under ANY of them. It's
    all "Where's the ball? Take a guess! Now prove it! Hey, keep your hands
    off my cups! I consider your statement that I have no balls to be a
    direct insult! Do you know the connection between the Holy Grail and the
    Tooth Fairy? I thought not! Gib, Gibber, Gibberish.".

    Steve Kemp
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    Yep, I'm the Atheist. I'm chock full of Ath!

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    Gib, Gibber, Gibberish.

    geber = man
    gibor = hero, champion, mighty man

    What is the relevance of this statement?

    "pele yoetz el gibbor aviad sar shalom"

    The definitions for "gibberish" include:
    "Highly technical or esoteric language."

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