• Muslim call for economic jihad

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    Followers of the false prophet mohammed (Permanently Bound Unto Hell) often fake away like mad trying to tell us that ojihadoe is some kind of inner struggle, but others are more honest when calling for jihad against others, like this call for economic jihad. I think the Iranians (aka Persians) know
    a thing or two about waging jihad. Of course, the Iranians will reap what
    they sow - if it is "jihad" they want, God will accommodate them, in accordance with the prophecies of Ezekiel, and destroy them.


    Destroy a corporation for Palestine
    By Hamid Golpira

    It's time for some economic jihad. LetAEs destroy a corporation for Palestine.

    Muslims must adopt a comprehensive economic strategy in this era of globalization.

    If we don't, then we will be worthy of contempt because we will have become our own worst enemies.

    One and a half billion Muslims acting in unison can have a great influence
    on the global economy.

    Indeed, the Islamic ummah is already a key component of the world economy since a market of 1.5 billion people cannot be ignored. But unfortunately, most Muslims have not realized this fact and the profits from our purchases
    are still being used against us.

    When will we wake up?

    However, itAEs not easy to be a jihadi. The struggle must be fought on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes.

    True jihad must be fought on all fronts. It must be waged on the cultural, military, intellectual, ideological, psychological, spiritual, and economic fronts.

    But in this era of globalization, it is essential that Muslims learn how
    to correctly conduct economic jihad.

    First of all, we must not give money to the enemy.

    Even now, the enemies of Islam are laughing at us, saying, "Look at the foolish Muslims. We have brainwashed them so completely that they are
    giving us their money. They are buying products manufactured by our corporations and are oblivious to the fact that we are using the revenues
    to pay for weapons that are killing their own people and to fund programs meant to undermine their own culture and way of life. They are financing
    the destruction of their own civilization."

    Shame on us. This is true for a large segment of the Muslim ummah.

    Thus, clearly, it is time to reform ourselves.

    And then we can truly begin the economic jihad.

    [... ...]

    So, Muslim brothers and sisters, let us take up the struggle of economic
    jihad now. Destroy a corporation for Palestine.

    Full jihad rant at "Tehran Times" http://www.tehrantimes.com/index_View.asp?code=188781

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