• Britain's Slide Into Sharia Law

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    A good article on the dangers of appeasement of muslims in the UK, and the creation of a parallel islamic state at "The Telegraph"...


    Indulgence of Islam is harming society

    Channel 4's decision to invite President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to deliver its "alternative" Christmas message may have been offensive to many people, but
    no one can say the station is neglecting its obligation to cater for minorities. Muslim fundamentalists were thrilled by the broadcast.

    By Damian Thompson
    26 Dec 2008

    Islam is the fastest-growing religion in Britain: the number of Muslims has grown from 1.6 million to two million since 2000. Moreover, every major public institution has changed its policies to accommodate the demands of Islamic "community leaders". The Government, the Opposition, the police, schools,
    the Church of England, the BBC and now Channel 4 are all helping Muslims construct a parallel Islamic state.

    Early next year, the think tank Civitas will publish a survey of 100 British Muslim schools. Entitled When Worlds Collide, it will argue that some of them are pushing pupils into ghettos. Young women, in particular, are forbidden to pursue career opportunities. "Every year, an incalculable number of Muslim young women are lost to the wider world," says the report. One school website links to al-Qaeda; another directs pupils to a scholar who advocates the murder of Jews.


    Full article on Britain's slide into a Sharia / Antichristian state at
    "The Telegraph"

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/personal-view/3965637/ Indulgence-of-Islam-is- harming-society.html

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