• More Muslim Moaning

    From Mullah Lodabullah@3:800/432 to All on Thu Mar 6 02:10:18 2008
    The Dutch govt. is trying to persuade Wilders not to screen his film,
    using the classic line about not being allowed to shout "fire!" in a
    crowded theatre - the reality, of course, is that Muslims quite often
    threaten to set fire to theatres and other places of public entertainment
    (or to bomb them without warning), so it is perfectly correct to shout
    "fire!" instead of saying & doing nothing.

    What is Wilders expected to do? Remain seated and eat his popcorn?
    Hopefully the final curtain will fall for Islam before too long.


    The limits of freedom of expression

    The Dutch government is trying to persuade right-wing politician Geert
    Wilders not to screen his anti-Islamic film, as he had announced weeks
    ago. "The classical example to show that freedom of expression has limits,
    is that you are not allowed to shout 'Fire!' in a theatre full of people.
    In that light, the Dutch government is acting in a basically responsible
    manner in disassociating itself from extremism, and urging Wilders to think again. ...

    Full article at "Courier International" http://europe.courrierinternational.com/eurotopics/ article.asp?langue=uk&publication=05/03/2008&cat=POLITICS&pi=3

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