• More "Sacred" Bull from Britain

    From Steve Asher@3:800/432 to All on Sat Feb 2 21:33:39 2008
    As Britain goes down the gurgler, and rejects sound doctrine in favour
    of multi-culti "diversity", the "Hindu community" displays the same
    contempt for the decaying society that the "Islamic community" does,
    with the same claims of "insensitivity" and lack of engagement.


    Work starts on Europes largest cow protection farm
    By Asian Image reporter

    Representatives of the Hindu community from across the UK are to attend a ceremony to sanctify the ground where Europes largest centre for cow protection
    is to be built.

    Bhaktivedanta Manor, the temple where the RSPCA killed Gangotri the sacred
    cow and sparked outrage amongst British Hindus, will open the centre for cow protection and organic lifestyles.

    Hindu leaders, politicians and supporters from across Britain will join priests
    in a colourful ceremony to sanctify the ground where the new farm building will
    be constructed in memory of Gangotri.


    After the ceremony, fifty Hindu leaders from around the country will discuss what they perceive as the British government's lethargy in addressing the wider
    issues surrounding the killing of Gangotri.


    "The resentment levels in the Hindu community are quite high, and the Government's lack of engagement and disinterest are not good for community cohesion and integration. They should at least be ready listen to what we
    have to say."


    Source: "Asian Image"
    http://www.asianimage.co.uk/news/latest/ display.var.2004323.0.work_starts_on_europes_largest_cow_protection_farm.php

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