• Islam Demands UN Protection

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    While Islam seeks to destroy Christians and Jews and democracies through jihad,it simultaneously demands protection of its "heavenly" religion and symbols.

    Ultimately, it will be God who gathers the largely Islamic nations against Israel, to destroy them in accordance with Ezekiel 38 and 39, and there is nothing the UN can do to prevent it.


    Kuwait submits significant paper to OIC parliamentary conf. in Cairo

    CAIRO, Jan 25 (KUNA) -- Kuwait has called for reviewing the work mechanisms, systems and the bylaw of the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) member states.

    A paper, submitted by the Kuwaiti delegation to a union's conference that kicked off in Cairo on Friday stressed the importance of conducing a comprehensive review of the union's targets and the purposes of its basic system, noting that nothing like that had been made since the union was set
    up in 1999.

    The Kuwaiti proposal also called for activating relations with the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in a bid to push the Islamic issues
    to the spotlight on the international arena. Operating positively
    within the IPU framework is also important.

    Despite the huge Islamic representation the IPU, it is less influential on
    the Union's decision-making than other regional blocs, the paper said.

    Kuwait has also proposed carrying on with the parliamentary and government efforts seeking the UN adoption of an international legislation to provide
    due protection to heavenly religions and religious symbols. The relevant
    call by the IPU 116th session held in Bali, Indonesia in April, 2007 has
    to be emphasized.

    The Kuwaiti proposals come at a time when Islam is facing such a fierce
    attack targeting the core of a religion based on love, mercy, moderation
    and toleration. It is also a time when Muslims have failed to reveal to
    the world the elevated principles and teachings of the Islamic civilization.

    Kuwait has underlined the necessity of countering such grave challenges through
    a strategic view based on organized collective action by the Muslim governments
    and the civil society organizations.


    Full article at "Kuwait News Agency" http://www.kuna.net.kw/Home/Story.aspx?Language=en&DSNO=1064728

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