• Iranian Kidnapping

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    Even if you dismiss judging territorial water boundaries the fact is that the media parroted carte blanche the British government's version, without even pointing out that there is no recognized and agreed upon Gulf water boundary between Iraq and Iran.

    Other highly suspicious circumstances surrounding the hostage crisis have also begun to emerge.

    During a BBC Newsnight feature story , it was demonstrated that the Iranian footage of the capture of the British sailors was in large part likely faked and the commentators all but suggested the entire incident was staged or at least constituted "gross negligence" on behalf of the British.

    Readers have also pointed out the bizarre coincidence of the fact that immediately before the sailors were captured, they were being accompanied by a BBC film crew onboard HMS Cornwall, who filmed a human interest interview with Faye Turney, who has become the poster child of the whole crisis. The interview
    was broadcast immediately after the sailors were taken hostage and portrayed Turney in a very humanizing light, with pictures of her loved ones in the background.

    With the crisis deepening and tensions being ratcheted up by the bellicose rhetoric of both Blair and the Iranians, this Gulf of Tonkin style incident is starting to look increasingly dubious as the drumbeat for war grows ever louder.

    This is yet another example of problem, reaction, solution, used to begin a war.

    Problem: Hostages taken from military ship in Iraqi waters said by Iran to be Iranian waters.

    Reaction: Hostages taken creates meant to terrorize British and American citizens.

    Solution: Brtain and US strike Iran to appease terrorized citizens.

    Initial Problem was: what can U.S./Britain do to substantiate a strike against Iran.

    Propsed date of strike against Iran: within next 2 weeks.


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