• "Yitro" & Seven Noahide Laws

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    3 Adar 5767, February 21, '07Published: 02/08/07, 12:47 AM

    Yitro: A Model for Diplomatic Encounters
    by Alex Traiman

    Nearly as soon as the Jewish people became an independent nation, able
    to serve HaShem freely for the very first time, an outside observer of
    another nation focused his attention on the business of the Jewish
    people and offered his strategy for the betterment of the governance
    of the nation of Israel.


    Yitro decided following his diplomatic summit not to formally convert
    to Judaism. Rather, he became the first Righteous Gentile in Jewish
    history, accepting upon himself the seven laws that govern all
    nations. Gentiles all across the globe, righteous or not, are bound by
    the Seven Noahide Laws: prohibitions against idolatry, murder, theft,
    sexual promiscuity, blasphemy, and eating the flesh of a live animal,
    in addition to the command to set up a government.


    Only when consumed with Torah and G-dliness will a Jewish leader
    understand the place of diplomacy in modern political dialogue. And
    only then can we expect to hold those foreigners requesting audience
    with today's Jewish leadership to the standards of the Biblical model
    of righteous diplomacy, Yitro.


    Full article at "Arutz Sheva" http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/6902

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