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    From Steve Asher@3:800/432 to All on Sat Oct 7 01:51:36 2006
    My expectation is that, following the largely Islamic invasion of
    Israel (Ezekiel 38 & 39), and God's destruction of the invaders, the
    West will place its trust in the Antichrist, who will "mop up" any
    remaining Muslims who threaten the "peace" of the West and / or


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    Europe Is Growing Skeptical Of Dialogue With Muslims

    October 6, 2006
    URL: http://www.nysun.com/article/41106

    After years of dithering over political correctness with Muslims
    and Islam, Europe is waking up to a different morning.

    A three-week tour of Italy, France, and Britain last month was enough
    for me to conclude that Western Europeans have moved way beyond
    dialogue. Confrontation, indeed even provocation, is their preferred
    approach to the Muslims in their midst.

    Long before Pope Benedict XVI's scathing comments in mid-September
    on the fallacy of phony Muslim-Christian dialogue, signs of hardening
    European views toward current Islamic values were plentiful on the


    Should the region's despotic regimes be toppled, a number of press
    outlets observed, their successors would be even nastier murderers. Possibilities include the saber-wielding soldiers of the Muslim
    Brotherhood and its tributaries - Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah,
    and the Algerian Armed Islamic Group, among others - men who believe
    in carrying out ritual killings of their fellow Muslims even before the slaughter of infidels.

    The common view in Europe is that pseudo-secularist tyrants in Muslim
    lands like Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, and
    King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia share the same aspirations to dominate,
    wage war, and rule as Osama bin Laden, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and Ayman al-Zawahiri of Al Qaeda.


    Europeans now see a need not to massage the Muslim ethos but to remove
    it. One can talk forever of the necessity for Islam to reform itself,
    but that fails to resonate within Muslim societies, Europeans tell me.

    My European tour made it eminently clear that Western Europeans
    - if not their more liberal, compromised ruling and business elites
    - believe that for Muslims living in the West, it's either Western
    ways or the highway.

    Harsh, maybe, but that is how it stands.


    The dialogue is over. The time for action is closing in.

    Full article at "The New York Sun"

    Cheers, Steve..

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