• Shopping For Fatwas

    From Steve Asher@3:800/432 to All on Sat Sep 16 22:38:35 2006
    Another good site dedicated to the "Religion of Peace" that has me
    laughing til I cry - though it isn't all a laughing matter, of course.


    "Clarity and Resolve"


    Got any pressing thoughts on the Religion of PeaceTM, jihad, freedom,
    or some combination thereof? Email Patrick and let it out.

    Shopping for Fatwas

    * Stop by the store and peruse our quality infidel merchandise.
    Annoys Islamocrats and leftocrats alike!

    Arab-Israeli Islamosupremacist: Jerusalem Capital of New Caliphate

    In today's edition of The Delusions That Pass for Perfectly Normal
    Islamic Thought, the Caliph will sit in Jerusalem.

    Malaysian Islamocrat: Dar al-Islam Should Be Nuclear

    Jew and infidel-hating nutcase/former "president" of Malaysia,
    Mahathir Mohamad says that it's time for the worldwide Islamobomb.

    The Perfect Papal Jihad Storm

    Any man of God who can produce the level of sheer frustrated rage from Islamosupremacists worldwide that Pope Benedict XVI has, is all right
    in my book.

    Pope-Induced Islamoseething Watch

    I guess there is some validity to the old cliche "the truth hurts."
    From Wahhabi mouthpiece, Islam Online: Muslims Fume at Pope's Islam

    J&K: Death Cult Freedom of the Press

    You don't realize how pedestrian the savage practice of beheading all
    perceived enemies of Islam is until you follow death cult news for a
    little while: Abducted lensman beheaded in J&K

    Jihad Intl. Inc. Opens Lebanese Branch

    If this story, along with the one we noted earlier this evening, is
    true, al-Qaeda is definitely ramping up for something big in the
    Levant: LEBANON: AL-QAEDA POINTMAN REVEALED (salute to intellnet)

    Dutch Dhimmitude Watch

    It's almost like the savage murder of Theo van Gogh two short years
    ago in a daylit Amsterdam street never happened: Minister Welcomes
    Sharia In Netherlands If Majority Wants It (salute to TYR)

    Cheers, Steve..

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