• Trojan Horse No Longer In Troy

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    A Trojan Horse in America: The brilliance of Islam

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    (TCC News) -- When an Ivy League University extends an invitation to a
    leader from a nation openly hostile to the United States, one needs to
    ask the question as to the purpose, reason and timing of such
    provocative action.

    The invitation to Mohammad Khatami, ruler of Iran at the time of the disastrous event of 9/11, must raise all these questions and more.


    "Our caliphate will be from China to Spain and from there. The whole
    world is at hand," Achmadinajad said in a recent speech.

    It is time for America to wake up! For Muslims, a caliphate is the
    empire of Allah with Shariah as its constitution. This is the same
    rule of law that existed in Afghanistan during the Taliban regime.
    It is the law of Iran today.

    Already nations have been pressured by Muslim citizens to establish
    Shariah . We owe a debt of gratitude to Canada and Australia for not
    allowing this kind of savage, extremist rule in their nations.

    Khatami's and Achmadinajad's messiah is the 12th Imam who disappeared
    during the ninth century. According to Shiites, the only way to bring
    him back is by an apocalyptic event. Such would be nothing short of an Armageddon.

    History shows that every empire that ever existed eventually was
    brought down from within, by allowing its enemy into its domain.
    In our case, they are the enemies of the United States who are being
    allowed to enter our nation, and, incredibly, being given practically
    Head of State status.

    The Trojan horse is no longer in Troy!


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