• Good vs. Evil

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    Hello Everybody,

    "All evil is an attempt to eliminate evil."
    - James P. Carse

    Five years ago, on 9/11/2001, an evil mastermind
    sent terrorists on a suicide mission of pure evil,
    hijacking four passenger airliners and slamming
    them into the WTC Twin Towers in NYC, the Pentagon,
    and a field in Pennsylvania, leaving over 3,000
    innocent men, women and children dead.

    In retaliation, President George W. Bush ordered
    an invasion of Afghanistan, and later Iraq.

    Everybody knows that terrorists are evil.
    Everybody knows that President Bush has declared
    a "war on terror".

    But is it evil to fight evil with evil?

    Or is it better to turn the other cheek, and
    say "Hit me again!"

    Well, first one must figure out what evil is.
    And if one understands what evil is, then from
    whence did evil come from? In other words,
    what is the origin of evil?

    Is it possible that good can come out of evil?
    After all, we all know that evil men can do good
    things. And we know that good men can do evil
    things. Or is it that good is evil and evil is
    good? What is good to one man might be evil to
    another. And what is evil to one man might be
    good to another. So how do we really know what
    is good and what is evil?

    We say that God is good. But define "good".
    We say that Satan is evil. But define "evil".

    Maybe God/Satan are the same Person.

    Kind of like a god with schizophrenia.
    Or at least a god with a multiple personality.

    One day He is good. Another day He is evil.
    Or perhaps a bit of both each and every day.

    War is a game played by man. One side tries
    to win, and declare the other side the loser.

    Religion is also a game played by man. Except
    no side tries to win, but rather to extend the
    game indefinitely to no end.

    What happens when man mixes war with religion?
    Man is playing an infinite game in an finite game.
    In that light, how can such a game ever end?

    Perhaps President Bush should rename his "war
    on terror" as being "The Forever War". Just
    like Joe Haldeman's book of the same name.

    In any event, that is my rant of the day.

    All comments welcome.


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