• Noahides - Coercion If Necessary

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    Israel continues to reject its Messiah, Jesus Christ, preferring to
    remain in darkness and bondage, and to impose the bondage of "noahide
    laws" upon the rest of the world. It will be in vain, as Israel turns
    to a false messiah, the beast whose number is 666, leading to the
    great tribulation. "Noahide Laws" have as much redemptive power as
    "Sharia Laws", or any other human system of laws - zero. Salvation
    is a free and unmerited gift of God, and cannot be earned by law-
    keeping or acts of righteousness.


    Vaetchanan: A Universal G-d
    by Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin
    Aug 04, '06 / 10 Av 5766

    Two of the most famous passages in the entire Bible that refer to G-d
    are to be found in this week's Biblical portion: "I am the Lord your G-
    d who took you out of the land of Egypt, the house of bondage," the
    first of the Ten Commandments, and "Hear O Israel the Lord our G-d the
    Lord is one," the opening verse of the Shema, the watchword of our
    faith. Neither of these verses express a frontal commandment to
    believe in G-d, and nor is there any such verse of commandment to
    believe anywhere in the Bible. Why not, and what is the significance
    of what these particular verses do teach us about G-d?

    I believe that the Bible neglects to specifically command Divine
    belief because belief in G-d alone is not what really matters; witness
    all of the fanatical wars fought in name of G-d, and how Islamic fundamentalists brainwash and train their youth to blow themselves up
    together with innocent citizens in the name of a god of Jihad. What
    good is "pure monotheism" if Allah has been transformed into Satan?


    No wonder Maimonides insists that everyone must accept - even by
    coercion, if necessary - the seven Noahide laws of morality (Mishneh
    Torah, "Laws of Kings" 8, 10), and defines the Messianic Age as a
    period in which the entire world will live in peace and harmony. No
    wonder major commentaries like the Ramban and Ibn Ezra see the exodus
    as having established G-d as the only ruler of the universe - as He demonstrated by deposing Pharaoh, the prototypical despot - and
    thereby claiming His right to legislate morality for all. No wonder
    the Bible, in its prelude to the Decalogue, assigns the Israelites the
    task of being a "kingdom of priest-teachers and a holy nation" (Exodus
    19:6), which is defined by S'forno to mean "to teach the entire human
    species to all call out in the name of G-d and to serve Him shoulder
    to shoulder... since 'from Zion shall come forth the Torah (to the
    world).'" (ad loc) And no wonder the second version of the Decalogue,
    in Deuteronomy, when it presents the exodus as the reason for the
    Sabbath, explains that the purpose of this second day "is in order for
    your Gentile man- and maidservant to rest like you." (Deut 5:14)


    Full article at "Arutz Sheva" / Israel National News http://www.israelnationalnews.com/article.php3?id=6437

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