• Muslim World Union vs Israel

    From Steve Asher@3:800/432 to All on Mon Jul 24 01:35:07 2006
    The "entire Muslim world" will unite against the "enemy" (Israel)
    at its peril. Their Gog invasion will result in their destruction.


    Azeri Intellectual Movement calls for Muslim world union against Israel

    23 July 2006 [14:05] - Today.Az

    Azeri Intellectual Movement issued a statement in connection with
    Israeli raids on Lebanon.

    The movement told the APA there is no adequate response to Israel's
    attacks and therefore, these processes have led to massacre of

    The movement called the attacks on innocent people in southern
    Lebanon, who have nothing to do with Hezbollah, preplanned policy
    and obvious aggression not just a military conflict.

    "This aggression is against not only Muslim countries but the whole
    mankind. The Movement urges to end this aggression immediately. We
    call for the Organization of the Islamic Conference, progressive
    peoples and the entire Muslim world to unite against the enemy," the
    statement reads.

    URL: http://www.today.az/news/politics/28402.html


    Source: "TODAY.AZ" - Azerbaijan

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