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    VeriChip Highlights Role Implanted Chip May Play in a Government
    Immigration and Guest Worker Program

    6/9/2006 11:37:00 AM

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    DELRAY BEACH, Fla., June 9 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Applied Digital
    (NASDAQ:ADSX), a leading provider of identification and security
    technology, released the following comments today from its chairman
    and CEO, Scott Silverman, regarding the VeriChip technology and the
    potential role it may play in a government immigration and guest
    worker program.

    "We are exploring a guest worker application we believe is appropriate
    to help the U.S. with its current immigration crisis. VeriChip is
    currently being used as a medical application, cleared by the FDA as a
    class II medical device," said Scott Silverman. "First and foremost, a
    VeriChip is not a locating device. VeriChip technology has no GPS
    capabilities whatsoever. It is simply a voluntary passive
    identification device that is only "awakened" by a proprietary
    scanner within a very short range of a few inches."

    Using VeriChip's secure implantable RFID technology, the Department of
    Homeland Security can ensure that a secure, tamper- proof system is in
    place to identify, register and confirm guest worker credentials at
    the border or at an employer's premises. VeriChip already employs the
    same technology to provide secure access to medical records and to
    secure areas of buildings such as hospitals or office buildings.
    Medical records access may prove relevant in immigration applications
    as well. In addition to border security, this device can provide
    medical records of guest workers that may be unable to communicate
    (currently a strain on our medical system).

    In addition, the VeriChip can also be bonded into a piece of paper,
    implanted into an ID card or into a wearable wrist bracelet. Use of
    this RFID chip in tandem with, or in lieu of the immigration "blue
    card", provides an additional layer of security to confirm the
    identity of a guest worker.

    "It's really no different than a tamperproof passport you can carry
    all the time," says Silverman. "As concerns mount about falsified
    documents, VeriChip technology ensures security and privacy for the
    individual as well as increased security at our borders."


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