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    China, Russia, India and Iran are capable of establishing
    a pole of major powers in Asia, opposing the policies of America
    :Iranian Commander reiterates

    Media Release
    May 10, 2006

    The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps commander in chief has said:
    China, Russia, India and Iran are capable of establishing a pole of
    major powers in Asia, opposing the policies of America. According to
    Fars News Agency, General Safavi, who was speaking at the nationwide
    gathering of the commanders, officials and managers of the Basij
    Resistance Force, went on to say: In the last 27 years, the Islamic
    Republic of Iran has always been at the centre point of the political,
    economic and even military confrontations of the West, and at the
    present, Islamic Iran enjoys a geo-political heavyweight in the

    In another part of his remarks, Safavi explained that the Basij is one
    of the greatest assets of the Revolution, and it is the fruit of the
    blood of the martyrs. He added: At the present, we must utilize the
    potentials of this great material and spiritual asset in the context
    of the strategy for comprehensive defence of the country and its
    construction and development, and ensuring lasting security and
    progress in various scientific and cultural arenas. He emphasized the importance of bringing about qualitative improvements in the Basij
    force and increasing its efficiency and efficacy. General Safavi
    added: We should not consider the Basij Resistance Force as an
    equivalent to the other forces of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.

    This is because in terms of its geographical spread, the variety of
    its missions and assignments, and the extent of its influence on both
    internal and external security of the country, the Basij Resistance
    Force is a decisive and vital force for the destiny of the country and
    the Islamic Revolution. It is for this reason that the Basij is always
    at the centre of attention of both friends and foes. In conclusion to
    his remarks, General Safavi referred to the enemies'' worries about
    the rising Islamic movements and trends in different parts of the
    world. He said: The current century is going to be the century of the
    nations overcoming the dictatorial and dependent governments, and it
    will be the era of face to face clash with the global arrogance. The
    examples of this situation are the anti-American movements which we
    witness even in Latin America, where we have seen that these movements
    have in fact come to power, as the examples of the Governments of
    Bolivia and Venezuela demonstrate.


    Source: "India Daily"

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