• Samarra Mosque Destruction

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    By Bill Wilson, MNA Senior Analyst

    Wash-Mar 3-MNA-The destruction of the golden-domed 1,200 year old
    mosque in Samarra, Iraq may have deep prophetic meaning to the end
    times and could pave the way for the anti-Christ and the Gog-Magog
    battle predicted by the ancient prophet Ezekiel.

    The mosque was that of the 10th and 11th Imams. Immediately following
    the blasts that utterly destroyed this Islamic holy site, well over a
    thousand Shiite and Sunni Muslims killed each other throughout Iraq.
    Almost instantaneously, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad issued a statement blaming the United States and Israel for the destruction of
    the mosque. But most believe that it was destroyed by al Qaeda in an
    attempt to touch off a civil war in Iraq. In July, 2005, Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Curt Weldon and former FBI consultant Paul
    Williams, independent of one another, documented that Iran was helping coordinate terrorism in the Middle East by hosting a committee of
    terrorists that included al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad,
    and Others. It is possible that Ahmadinejad was connected to the
    bombing of the mosque, which has interesting ties to end time

    Left standing several hundred feet adjacent to the destroyed mosque,
    is the mosque of the 12th Imam. Both Sunni and Shiite Muslims believe
    the 12th Imam, al Mahdi, will lead Muslims to a great victory against
    all Christians. This great war is the Muslim Armageddon. The al Mahdi, according to Ahmadinejad, will set up justice on earth and rule for
    seven years at which time the anti-Christ will appear, be defeated
    upon the return of Jesus Christ, who will allow the Muslims to kill
    all the Jews, and the rest of the earth will convert to Islam,
    bringing peace to the world. (The Holy Quran, An-Nisa, 4:159,
    Az-Zukhuruf, 43:61 and another 16 Hadeeths relating to Jesus).

    Of course, from a Judeo-Christian perspective, there can be nothing
    more twisted nor even blasphemous than the Islamic account of the end
    times. But there are some parallels. The al Mahdi paves the way for
    the anti-Christ over a seven year period by killing and defeating the Christians. Christians believe that the anti-Christ will rise to power
    for seven years and war against the Christians as prophesied in
    Revelation 13:7, "It was granted to him to make war with the saints
    and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every tribe,
    tongue, and nation." The Quran is sketchy about the rise of the anti-
    Christ and the return of Jesus Christ, who defeats the anti-Christ,
    but then there is another strange twist where the Muslims believe that
    Jesus Christ will allow the Muslims to kill all the Jews in order to
    establish peace on earth.

    Ahmadinejad believes it is up to him to prepare the way for the 12th
    Imam. Perhaps it is more than coincidence that the mosque of the 12th
    Imam, located several hundred feet from the destroyed mosque of the
    10th and 11th Imams, was left standing. Since 941 AD, there has been
    no earthly expression of the 12th Imam, a period of time the Muslims
    call "the Greater Occultation," or great hiding. However, there has
    been communication with the 12th Imam. By writing him a letter and
    leaving it at his mosque in Samarra, one may still receive his advice
    and council.

    Iran's insistence on obtaining nuclear technology for peaceful purposes
    fits very well into Ahmadinejad's (and Islam's) radical concept of the
    12th Imam who will destroy and subdue all Christians and will annihilate
    the Jews. From a radical Islamic perspective, true peace cannot be obtained until all of Islam's enemies are brought into submission. Using nuclear weapons as one part of bringing Islam's enemies under complete surrender, would be a peaceful usage of such weaponry because it would help establish
    the elusive "peace of Islam."

    Ahmadinejad believes the 12th Imam, al Mahdi, will return within the next
    two years and establish an Islamic reign of justice and peace on the earth
    for seven years. Ahmadinejad wants to prepare the way for al Mahdi by establishing the Islamic peace. This would include the utter destruction
    of Israel and any other enemies of Islam.

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    Source: Montana News Association... http://www.montanasnews.com/articles.php?mode=view&id=3867

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