• SYS00000006: GetCommStat

    From Mvan Le to ALL on Tue Aug 22 07:55:00 2006
    I'm getting the following error

    SYS00000006: GetCommState()

    when launching

    bt32 unattended

    (the Win32 version of BinkleyTerm).

    After loading the BT mailer screen and attempting to initialise the Com port the program exits.

    In the log file:

    + 17 Aug 21:30:47 BINK begin, BinkleyTerm/Win32 Ver. 2.60
    ! 17 Aug 21:30:47 BINK No BOSS in the nodelist
    ! 17 Aug 21:30:52 BINK SYS00000006: GetCommState()

    The documentation states,

    Note that on Windows 95, you can't get a Win32 BBS to run under
    BinkleyTerm with the standard command processor because comm port
    inheritance (the ability of one Win32 application to pass a ``hot''
    port to another Win32 application) doesn't work if there's a
    DOS app (like the command processor) in the way. One way to use
    the Win32 BinkleyTerm to work on Windows 95 with a BBS is to
    install WinFOSSIL (a shareware driverwhich provides improved
    comm support), and use a DOS BBS.

    But at this stage I am not running a BBS nor attempting to pass callers via spawnbbs.

    Do I need WinFOSSIL to run BT/32 ?

    Thanks !

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