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    ccccc aaaaa ppppp iiiii ttttt ooooo l ccccc iiiii ttttt y y
    c a a p p i t o o l c i t y y
    c aaaaa ppppp i t o o l c i t y
    c a a p i t o o l c i t y
    ccccc a a p iiiii t ooooo lllll ccccc iiiii t y
    O N L I N E

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    SSH to - capitolcityonline.net on port 2022

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    http://capitolcityonline.net or https://capitolcityonline.net

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    Try POSSUM LODGE SOUTH instead!

    SSH to - possumso.fsxnet.nz on port *2122* (user: NEW password: new)
    Set up an account, then... http://possumso.fsxnet.nz:8080
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